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When it comes to meat products that you can purchase for yourself or your family, the selections and options are really all over the board. You can buy everything from hot dogs to filet mignon, and you can get beef cuts that range from just passable to the highest prime quality. At Mario’s Meats and Specialty Shop, you always know what you are getting. And that is the very finest in meat products in Woodbridge, ON. I have been a meat cutter for 35 years, and what seems like all of my life. I was fortunate enough to work for some of the finest butcher shops in all of Canada, and two years ago I was blessed to put all of that knowledge to good use in my family-run business. My wife and I, along with our children, are proud to bring you the best meat products in Woodbridge, ON via my conveniently located shop. We have already built up a very loyal customer base in our time in business, and I am proud to bring you the finest in every type of meat product and delicacy.

I have a love of quality foods, and my customers do as well. I only feed my family the very best, and I am sure that you feel the same way. My beef, chicken, lamb and pork are naturally raised meats with complex flavors that you simply will not find in the run-of-the-mill grocery store meat section.I operate on the premise of quality first, and that is always what you will find in my market at Mario’s Meats and Specialty Shop.

Are you ready to take a step up in quality and taste for you meat products in Woodbridge, ON? Please come and visit my store to check out all of the variety and naturally raised meat specialties.

We sell only the highest quality grades of beef, and everything that I sell is fresh and antibiotics free.

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Mario's Meat

Mario's Meat

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