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Hot dogs and hamburgers are fine for any old night of the week, but sometimes you are in the mood for a really great meat specialty, and the very finest cuts that you can find. My shop is the top of the crop when it comes to meat specialties in Woodbridge, ON, and my products can make any night or day of the week feel like a really special occasion. Mario’s Meats and Specialty Shop has only been in operation for a couple of years, but my experiences with the finest meats and meat cutting techniques goes back more than 35 years. I simply love this business, and I love to make people happy. That’ is how the business has grown so dramatically in just a few short years. My customers are just as enthusiastic about great cuts of meat as I am. You should come in and see all of the great meat specialties in Woodbridge, ON that we carry.

They include fine steaks that are dry aged and come in the most premium cuts.How does a large and juicy flame-broiled filet mignon sound for dinner? Or how about a tender and flavorful porterhouse T-bone? That’s my personal favorite. I also stock a range of premium stuffed meats and homemade sausages that can transform any dinner into a festival of flavors. Many of the meats I carry also serve as healthier alternatives to typical offerings. For instance, the beef comes in cuts that are flavorful but also has less internal fat. You can also choose from a range of pork that very lean, including the loin and tender loin cuts that are delicious and nutritious.

In addition to our meat specialties in Woodbridge, ON, the shop also has a line of other specialty products like superior cheeses from all over the globe. Come and see all that we have to offer. We are open seven days a week.

Our products are for true meat lovers, and I carry a very wide product list.

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Mario's Meat

Mario's Meat

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